Alien: Defined

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My name is _______. Virgo. INFP. Vegetarian. I am 21 years young and live in Rochester, MN. I am very interested in everything spiritual and have personal experience with extra terrestrials. I have a beautiful girlfriend with whom I am completely in love. I hope to find more direction in the next couple of years. I have many life experiences and am always interested in meeting new friends! As for my view of the world at this moment in time -- I see a world of constant change and consistent illusions. I feel as though all is rather unstable and am anticipating this coming age of Aquarius with hope and excitement, focusing on creating a world humanity can eventually be proud of. I exist to bring Light, to inform, and to open peoples' minds.

This is Selene! <3

I wonder if it truly posed a risk or if this was “preventive action.” Either way, I hope more tactful measures are taken against creatures in the future. Violence does not seem to be the best course of action, in my opinion.